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LadyBlue's Bedroom

Ha! I caught you peeking! You will find some pretty warped stuff here, but my warped mind likes them!  If you know of any you'd like to share, e-mail me with the word WARPED in the title.   If it's warped enough, I'll add a link and a short review right here.  :)

Belly Button Lint - I'll start off with my own warped page. 

Bastard Operator from Hell - I used to work on a help desk.  Sounds like pretty typical stuff to me.  I don't know WHAT all the fuss is about.  The users MUST be warped.

Dave's Chronicles - The life and times of Dave and family.  The chronicles are hilarious!  See if you can recognize the tune.

The Onion News - America's First News Source?  So they claim.  Definately warped news.

Blotto - Having a bad day?

Stick Death - Just how many ways are there for a stick to die anyway?

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