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You never know what you'll find laying around in the closet. Why, these are the papers I wrote in English Comp! Let me know if you enjoyed any of my stories, or even if you hated 'em. :) Email me at:

Belly Button Lint
This story seems to be everyones favorite.  It won Big Weenie's Wurst of the Web award and is considered completely useless.  Hope you enjoy it!

I'm not afraid.  I'm not afraid.  Well, maybe just a little afraid, like the kind of afraid you feel when jumping into a pool and you haven't checked to see how cold the water is first.

Fishing the Bass Beds
The bass grow huge in Florida.  Come on by and drown a worm!

If I had a million dollars...
Money isn't everything, but it sure helps!

How to Successfully Romance a Woman
Take my advice and you won't go wrong. ;)

Kill the Old People!
If you like Monty Python, you'll recognize their influence on this story.

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