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If I had a million dollars

This is the first story I ever wrote. The assignment was to finish: If I had a million dollars, I would....

If I had a million dollars, I would not be very happy. I'd live in constant fear of thieves stealing my possessions, or of people taking advantage of me. Everyone would be my friend, but I would have no real friends, just wolves getting whatever they could out of me until I caught on to their games. I can almost hear them now, begging me for a solid white Porsche that flies at 200 miles per hour or to pay off their mortgage on a hundred and fifty thousand dollar beach house. The unrelenting charities are calling, begging me for money, claiming they alone can save the world. People are lurking in every corner and crowds are outside my house, everyone begging me for money. I would be trapped inside like a prisoner, afraid to answer the door or even the telephone, knowing that very soon, the burglar alarms would go off and someone would steal everything I own.

I would be totally ruled by my money instead of me ruling it. It would force me to buy unnecessary things like some land with a house and a good little fishing lake, which would get rid of a about two hundred thousand dollars, a bass boat with a Chevy 327 V-8 engine to use on the lake for about twenty five thousand dollars, a forty foot ocean cruiser with a huge livewell, three bedrooms, a shower, a kitchen, and plenty of room in the front and back for fishing for about three hundred thousand dollars, and some things for my house, about thirty five thousand dollars worth.

I might be able to blow the four hundred and forty thousand dollars I had left over by going to the horse tracks and betting it all on a long shot, at least thirty five to one odds, to win. My body would shiver and tingle with excitement as I ran to the finish line, hoping I would be rid of the money and all the terrible things it had brought me. I would cheer hysterically for another horse to cross the wire first, and pray to God that my horse did not win and burden me with the fifteen million four hundred thousand dollar payoff.

If fate should let the horse win the race, the living hell would start all over again. I would be forced to buy a fire engine red Maserati for traveling around town, a private airplane to get me around Florida on the weekends, a few politicians who will change the city to my liking... I think I would like to have a million dollars.

Copyright (c) 1986. All Rights Reserved.

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