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LadyBlue's 'Puter Room

I have a lot of fun working, and this is where I spend most of my time.

C-Net Central always has good new information and product reviews.
C-Net Central radio

Worldgroup software is pretty cool! It's a BBS, and its Internet software too! This is the software we used to put Duval County Schools on the Internet, while using the 'thick' client worldgroup to give us an 'extranet' at work.
Galacticomm Worldgroup

Want some info on Macintosh on the web? You'll find some info here!
Macintosh WWW FAQ

Of course, I spend a LOT of time at Microsoft

This is the plugin software for Worldgroup that lets our IBM users access the net across the LAN/WAN. It is seamless, and has a LOT of features that make setting up internet accounts easy. Just what I needed! :)
MurkWorks - Worldsock client forWorldgroup

Novell is my network of choice. I have a lot of fun playing with it!

Novell's searchable tech support documents are just the best thing since Nintendo! I don't know how I ever managed without 'em.
Novell Tech Support

If you're looking for some shareware, then this is the place to find it!

This site has a lot of software for Macintosh
The MAC FTP Site

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