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LadyBlue's Kitchen for Webpages

If you really like to cook, try this site:

Of course, you can't cook up a home page without some hot java!
Jerry Cosimar's JavaBeans Page
Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages

If you prefer the box mix instead of homemade from scratch, this is the place! Netscape has a lot of good information on creating webpages. This is a great place to start your webpage!
All the info you need to begin writing a web page
Netscape's Webpage Wizard
Microsoft Frontpage

The appearance of your web page is important too.

THE Netscape Frames Tutorial ™ Go here to make a nice frame for it.
Web Pages That Suck - Learn how to make good webpages by learning from sucky ones.  Lots of invaluable information.

Stir in some creativity and bake at 350 degrees for thirty minutes. Your homepage will feed a family of millions!

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